A moment back down in Exeter

In a rush to attempt to see a couple of my closest friends before moving out of the country, I managed to steal a couple of days back in Exeter. The plan was to see Lloyd on day one and Nené on day two. I also planned to drop some stroopwafles off at Aimee’s as she loves them and I forgot to take any last time. However, on the way down, I received another text from Aimee asking if I was sure I really couldn’t stay (again) so I took the hint and stayed there for the night.
Meeting with Lloyd is always fun. He’s a highly intelligent and really lovely person. We have some of the most amusing debates on every subject, usually while drinking tea and or eating good food. Naturally, this meeting was no exception. He introduced me to a little restaurant, Mashawi, in Exeter, which serves Middle Eastern food. Although my diet is severely limited at the moment, the food that I could eat was lovely while there was so much I would have liked on the menu. Well done, once again, Lloyd. As always, it was great to see him!
I did bring my camera but only took the one photo!
Then it was a half an hour walk to Aimee’s in the rain. I guess it was worth it but y’know… 😉
Seeing The Best Friend again was a real unexpected bonus and we messed around, played silly games on the computer, talked about stupid things. The morning was brilliant too as Nené was running very late and Aimee, her sister Caroline, and I spent the additional time singing through Disney songs. We’re certainly responsible adults, okay?
It was also lovely to get to see Nené again. She was her normal bouncy self and I am so pleased I got to see her before I went. Aimee came with me and those two got on exceptionally well, as I always said they would! Our time was cut unexpectedly short but, to be honest, her gentleman friend who accompanied her seemed so bored that I am slightly pleased to have relieved him of the burden of my presence!
Leaving Aimee once again was really rather strange. Although our previous meeting had seen us saying our goodbyes, doing so once again was really rather painful. My leaving, exciting as it may be, feels so much realer now and to say goodbye within that realisation… it’s not comfortable. Now she just has to come out and see me in the Netherlands soon!

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