A bit of DIY and such

Two blog posts in as many days, oh my!
It’s been a really productive day my end and things are feeling more and more positive as my family and I continue to work. In my previous blog, I mentioned that my flat came in a less than suitable state. Indeed, that was the condensed version of the issues faced (I’m still not sure how the previous tenant managed to make quite so many holes in the ceiling), but after two days of solid work and painting, and the such, the room is starting to look more and more habitable.
Working very hard, obviously.
It’s amazing what a bucket of paint and a lot of disinfectant can do. Annoyingly, it has put our plans behind a bit as dad’s going back to England tomorrow and hasn’t had time to lay the carpet yet and that is something I wouldn’t know how to even think about doing. It just means that I’ll have to spend tomorrow doing more admin stuff (setting up bank accounts anyone?) before going back to England for a couple of weeks, myself.
The minute my old faithful desk went up it started to feel like home!
So, I’m guessing this might be the last blog of this trip to Amsterdam. I’ve got some really lovely things planned for the couple of weeks I’m back in England, mainly meeting up with friends, but I’ll be honest, I’m excited to get back here now!!

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