How can it be over already?

Well, well, well, Castlefest has happened once again. I simply cannot believe it. The last few days have been so amazing, as always, that my mind hasn’t really had time to process the fact that they really did happen.
At the moment, I’m sat in the apartment that we’re renting until tomorrow typing on my new computer (which isn’t working properly so I can’t get my photos off my camera… annoying thing). The point being, this is going to be a short post with my full post coming, probably, when I get back to England.
I don’t really know how to summarise the weekend and a bit that has just passed. Surrounded by some of the most friendly people, beautiful music, amazing costumes, and an atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else… that is Castlefest. I was also happy to meet up with a couple of people I had originally met last year, and meeting new people too – hi everyone 😀

In a lot of ways, this weekend wasn’t exactly what I’d planned. I was unable to camp for various reasons, a last minute discussion based on ill health prompted by several hours standing in a queue at an airport (thanks KLM!). However, things also went well in unexpected ways. I got a couple of my scrapbook paintings signed and they drew quite a bit of attention from some the respective bands. I honestly didn’t expect it and it was a little over overwhelming actually for something that I do for my own enjoyment to be so much the focus! Weird but in the very best way!

The other non-planned event was my first conversation in German with a native speaker. Because I’m self-taught 100% I’ve never had the chance to take the baby steps into conversation although my understanding is not bad. I also got to exercise my French a little too (I learned it since I was 6-7 and only stopped about a year ago yet I have never really used it in conversation… everyone seems to want to speak English)

Anyway, I’m rambling on a lot more than I had intended so I’ll go for now. As I said, proper long post with photos and stuff is to come. I will probably have at least one generic blog post before then because I’m getting my flat keys tomorrow… eeee!


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