A day of ick

Well, I didn’t plan to be here right now. I should be in The Netherlands, ready to get things sorted out for The Move and, of course, ready to go off to Castlefest. Instead, I am in a hotel opposite the airport, hoping I’ll be able to fly tomorrow.
I wouldn’t mind all that much except it has been a complete mess. Standing in a queue for about four hours with no communication from the airline (thank you to the people on facebook/twitter, and Maria in particular, who helped everyone in that line to work out what was going on)… told we would be put on a flight leaving at around 5 and having all our details taken with the promise we’d get the boarding pass in a moment… getting to the front desk at last to be told that we couldn’t fly until the next day and, from what we’ve heard, this was because some people got to skip the queue because they paid extra (seriously) and we got taken off the flight again. We weren’t told to sign in to get seats so we will have to go and do that tomorrow; some of our fellow passengers were told to check in. And, finally, looking at the amended booking online – I am down as Un Chadburn. Now, I know I go by many names but Un is not one of them. Incidentally, my frequent flier number and bags have been removed too. Somehow I do not think tomorrow is going to go smoothly.
To top it all off, it turns out that our flight is the only flight that has been cancelled. The previous flights were delayed by the weather, the flights after ours (including the one 10 minutes after ours) were on time. Our flight was not cancelled because of the weather, it was cancelled to get the rest of their flights back on schedule. So, because off all the above, I am writing a stonking complaint letter to KLM as soon as I find the energy.
Once again thank you, thank you to anyone who helped out or texted or whatever… you gems!
Anyway, that’s the short version cutting out the bit where I collapsed, we couldn’t rearrange the taxi even though on their website it said we were entitled to do so etc. etc 
I’m exhausted. Na night!

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