Another night of Reckless Love

I will start this blog post with a warning. If something doesn’t make sense it’s because I haven’t quite recovered from the brilliance that was last night and my brain may not be in gear!
Yesterday was another trip to Bristol for an evening of music at The Fleece. It also heralded the last gig that I have with Kim until she comes out to Amsterdam in February and, frankly, that’s just sad! As always, we met some delightful people in the queue, and in the venue itself before and after the show.

Kim and I being attacked with a camera 😉

First up was Mia Klose. With a confidence on stage and a real skill for performance I can see how Klose could be someone to watch. Sadly, I couldn’t hear her vocals at all because of bad set up. Indeed, Kim and I spent the first couple of songs trying to work out if the microphone was even on. That said, the instrumental aspects of the music were enough to keep me interested and I’ve since looked up her music and found it to be quite enjoyable. It’s a real shame that the performance was let down by bad sound tech but I guess it’s one of those things. In fact, I’m sure I wrote something similar in my last review of a show at The Fleece, hmm…

Next up was the local band, BlackWolf, a band who I saw last Reckless Love gig and felt indifferently, at best about. There was such an improvement in their performance. Last time, it felt like they were trying way too hard and I was more concerned about one of them falling into the audience when their legs got tied together with wires as opposed to the music. This time, the performance was full of energy but felt more polished, mature, and was generally enjoyable. It also allowed me to focus more on their music (they had better sound than last time) and I found that I liked it. It’s not the kind of thing I would normally listen to, I don’t think, but I think I’ll probably give up and buy their CD now and, if I wasn’t moving away, I’d like to see them again.

Finally, the stage was set up for Reckless Love, complete with little cameras (or that’s what we decided they were) in various positions, including attached to the drummer’s chest. Nothing like hidden cameras to make you a little self conscious while ‘singing along’ and jumping up and down like a loon.
Olli in the spotlight
The usual recording of ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ started playing and, after almost all the song had played through, the boys finally turned up on stage. Kim timed them. They were late. Anyway, fashionable lateness aside the band immediately launched into a set filled with old songs and new,

album tracks and singles, and the crowd really enjoyed it.

If anything, this show seemed a little less energetic than previous shows but the difference in the crowd was tangible. There wasn’t a moment when people weren’t singing along, bouncing up and down and thoroughly enjoying their evening. I have to say that this was probably one of the best audiences I’ve been in… excited without being overly pushy.
If Olli was less energetic than usual (which still makes him more dynamic than most) then Jalle seemed to be more into the show which was lovely to see. Pepe and Hessu were their normal, wonderful selves. Of course, I can find no complaints… except for the fact that I’m not going to be living in England when they come back!!!
Pepe mid hair flip
We were also lucky enough to meet all of the band members who, again, kindly signed one of my little scrapbook doodle paintings and took photos with Kim and me. The music was a little too loud, there being a club night after the gig, to really converse but it was great to see them all the same.
A few goodbyes and a lost room key later and it was all over. Darn it.
Thank you to everyone I met in the queue (I don’t remember everyone’s names so won’t try to list but if you stumble across this and want to add me on facebook/follow on twitter and say hi then please do!). Also, thank you to Kim for being an amazing person, yet again, (she knows it). And to Reckless Love, well, until next time!

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