End of an era

For some reason, my trip to see Aimee last week, brilliant as it was, and I will go into that below, seems to have triggered a slight feeling of sadness within me. In some ways, it feels as though it was the beginning of the process of change. Saying ‘goodbye’ to your best friend and her family, a family that may as well be part of your own, knowing that you’re unlikely to see them for a long, long time… suddenly the reality of the move starts to hit home. It’s not to say that I’m sad because I’m not, I’m excited and nervous and everything one would expect… I just can’t quite explain the emotion in English.
Anyway, onto my trip to see The Best Friend…
Caroline somehow managed the impossible and took a
completely out of focus photo on my camera. I think she has a talent!

Arriving later in the evening leaves little time for the innitial catch up discussion so, naturally Aimee and I managed to stay up quite late. Okay, we stayed up until about half three talking about Game of Thrones but oh well!

The day after was a day of exhaustion leading to a decision to mooch as opposed to force excursions. Naturally, this gave Aimee the perfect excuse to attempt to introduce me to her not so new obsession of pole dancing. Admittedly, in my case, this was more like jumping on the pole and clinging on for grim death but heh, it was fun nevertheless. I actually didn’t think I’d enjoy it but I really did and would love to have a go properly. It requires yourself to push yourself physically and mentally, a challenge but not impossible.

Aimee and Caroline down by the Quay

The afternoon saw us taking a lazy stroll along the river with Caroline, Aimee’s younger sister, and a complete darling. The combination of good weather, better company, and sheep milk ice-cream made the afternoon thoroughly enjoyable. It’s lucky we ate out a bit too because I got distracted by DUWO messing me around in the evening and burned dinner slightly. It wasn’t badly burned but it was darn annoying.

The day after was a busy one. Aimee and I took a train down to Exmouth and had a bit of time in the sea and in the arcade and being generally touristy. It was, quite simply, lovely. I didn’t take my camera down because I didn’t want to leave it unattended if we decided to swim and leave the bags on the beach.

At the fair

The evening saw a trip to the fair which is somewhere I’ve only ever been with The Best Friend and The Sister. Once again I was coerced into going on the roller-coaster despite being a verified coward. I can’t say I enjoyed it but eh, I did it. The rest of the time was more enjoyable with me going on some of the calmer rides while watching the other two having fun on the more daring ones. For various reasons, we couldn’t stay for all that long but it was a great end to the day.

The weird thing is, talking to Aimee, it’s become clear that I will see her at Christmas at the earliest. If not it will be a year until I see her. That’s really weird. It felt as though I was facing saying my first ‘goodbyes’ earlier than planned both to her and to her family. Not to mention, on the way home, we stopped in one of the pubs I’ve been going to for as long as I remember to find it’s been sold and all the staff are leaving next week. It really does feel like change is in the air. I don’t really like ends but my goodness, aren’t the beginnings they make room for an adventure!


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