Is it time for bed yet?

Baking for Aimee when I can’t be bothered to cook for myself!
Wow, what a busy day this is turning out to be. I’ve only snatched a moment to write a quite blog post while I wait for the oven to heat up so I can shove in a ready meal!
Although I’m looking forward to going to stay with The Best Friend tomorrow, the fact that I’m going to be away from home until Monday means there’s quite a lot to get in order, both regarding The Move and work. Not the end of the world but pretty hectic. Of course, this is without me having to do stuff in readiness for my father’s birthday tomorrow and going to Aimee’s!
Exciting surprise stuff!
Baklava is ready, shortbread batch two didn’t come out quite as well as batch one (the base is a bit thin, I think) but that’s setting in the fridge as I type. Just got to run around shoving clothes in a bag and wash my hair and I’m sure I’m forgetting something!
The other bit of news from today is that I received a surprise package which turned out to be a copy of The Testament of Marcellus by Marius Gabriel. I am so looking forward to reading the book as it seems to have a really interesting concept, and one that appeals to me, and will, of course, review it here and on Goodreads when I’m done!
Well, oven has heated up… best put dinner on!

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