Baking for Aimee (also featuring "How many things can go wrong in one day?")

The last period has been a busy one to live through and a dull one to write about. I’m sure you have no problems with guessing why so I simply won’t go into all that.
Today’s been a funny old day with basically everything going wrong that could go wrong from printers breaking, something going wrong with the signing of my tenancy agreement which led the website to ask me to call the company whose number doesn’t work (certainly not outside of the Netherlands anyway), chopped nuts being bought two days ago being out of date by several months… It’s certainly been one of those days.
I feel that it’s my duty as a friend to
fatten Aimee (and family) up a bit 😉
That said, I’m really excited at the moment because I’m going to stay with The Best Friend, and her delightful family, for a couple of days later this week. If you read my blog then you’ll know when I last saw her, around the time of my AUC interview, a.k.a. too long ago! I’m really hoping that the weather holds and we can do something nice like go doing to the beach or the like. Anyway, I’ve got to wait until Thursday for that.
I’ve already been doing things to ‘get ready’, however as it’s a bit of a tradition (it seems!) that I cook so I’ve been working away on some baked treats. Given free reign by The Best Friend (as long as there’s no mint), I’ve been experimenting a little with a millionaires’ shortbread inspired thing, second batch to be made tomorrow, and a kinda baklava thing which is done but needs some little tweaks yet.
So that’s that 😀

Instead of keeping what I’m making a secret, I’ve decided to tease with photos

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