This is a blog post, if you couldn’t tell!

The last week or so has meandered by quite peacefully. I’ve been painting, playing music, going to singing lessons generally pottering.
As I write, I am procrastinating several things, the Marie Antoinette translation being one of them (don’t hurt me), gardening being the other. Quite frankly, I think I might do the gardening first except I’m pretty sure there’s a tribe of angry bitey ants living in my flower bed and I’m not sure if I have any proper shoes… anyway, that’s my problem!
There was also the surreal incident of a few days back which some of you might have seen mentioned on facebook. Some gentlemen came by our house looking to build another house over land that belongs to us. After a bit of a heated discussion with my parents, it looks like they now want to buy our house and knock it down. Unlikely to come to anything, I know, but seriously that would be the answer to all our renovation issues!
I know this isn’t a proper post, and it has no photos (boo!), but I’ll be back properly soon πŸ˜‰
In the meanwhile, if anyone fancies recommending any songs/tunes for me to learn on ‘cello, bass guitar, or tin whistle (high or low) please do so… I’m running low on ideas!

2 thoughts on “This is a blog post, if you couldn’t tell!

  1. I shall attack them (well start to do so anyway) tomorrow πŸ™‚

    I've managed to get the cello to make a ringing sound instead of a buzzing so it's slightly more playable at the moment hehe


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