"Are you going to put this on your blog?"

Why yes, Zoë, I am!
I sit here with aching feet having traversed cobbles in completely inappropriate footwear, but having had an all in all lovely day.
Enjoying being a tourist in my own country 😀
It would just be my luck to choose the one day with buckets of rain to visit the city of Oxford but there we go. I should have expected it! I’ve only ever really visited the city with specific aims in mind, mainly to see something at one of the theatres, so I think this is the first time I’ve got to really look around at all. Admittedly, the weather did hamper things a little, and I rather believe Zoë was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t show me more, but it was great to look around. Besides, I have an excuse to come back in better weather now 😉
Of course, the highlight for me had to be meeting up with my friend from college as we last saw each other at Christmas. Just to sit and chat about her adventures was wonderful. Having just been to Bosnia, she made us both a cup of Bosnian style coffee and my goodness it was beautiful. Just to chat about life in a relaxed environment with a good friend felt so good! Annoyingly, because I couldn’t afford the trains, I cadged a lift and had to leave quite early. Certainly have to meet up again and soon!
In other news, I have my room allocation for university and it is indeed a single. If anyone (who knows me, obviously) wants the address then message me somewhere and I can give it to you. Goodness, it all seems very real now!

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