For those who are sitting, and are stressed about, exams

The funny thing about my gap year is that I’m stuck in my own little bubble away from the press of life and yet I still see it going on around me. I watch as friends get really worried about their exams, tormented by worries about whether they will pass or fail. I suppose that, removed from the frenzy, I see it more clearly. It worries me.
I spoke to one friend today, who may well read this but will remain nameless. This person is really worried about the exams they’ve already sat and feels that the ones they have left to sit are useless. In their mind, they have already failed. In my mind, I know this person is amazing. They’re intelligent (more than they, or anyone else really, gives them credit for) and they have worked hard. Perhaps too hard. Perhaps it now matters too much to them. This person has pushed the boundaries of what people said they would be able to do. They have achieved more than people gave them credit for. They’re dedicated and wonderful but they simply don’t see that. They just feel that they didn’t know the answers and therefore it’s time to give in. 
What they don’t see is that they’ve already won. 
Just by trying their best, by getting to where they are, they are winning. You are winning. 
If you ‘fail’ or don’t do as well as you had hoped then there is always a way to make it better, be it a resit or a change of plan. It seems like the end of the world at the time but keep ploughing on and it will pass, it will get better, and you will succeed somehow.
And in a couple of months, those exams which are the centre of the universe right now will not matter one iota. What are they after all?
Keep strong. Keep fighting. You can conquer anything.

Besides, you don’t need to pass any exams… you’re wonderful just the way you are ❤


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