Busy with nothing (as usual)

It’s amazing how life can seem so chaotic yet, when you look back on what you’ve actually been doing, rather non-productive.
A lot of things are centering around The Move which, as one would expect, is a bit of a focus. I finally phoned up Glasgow uni and withdrew today, well, started the process. Seriously, phoning them confirmed that ditching Glasgow was right for me. The gentleman on the switchboard had no social skills and seemed to have issues knowing which number was the number for admissions and the lady I spoke to in the end was, in my view, curt to the point of rude. Anyway, I emailed her so they now have it in writing and, fingers crossed, I’ll get confirmation that I am free soon enough.
And the prize for gaudiest ticket design goes to…
The other thing with moving is that I just can’t get my head around it. I’ve booked to see Within Temptation in, basically, a year’s time in Amsterdam (with a group of people I’ve met at gigs in the UK) and it’s weird. I’ve also booked to see Apocalyptica, who have obviously influenced me musically, in October. I’m going to go and see them with Maria, a Dutch ‘cellist penpal of mine who is all round lovely. The ticket arrived for that show today which was nothing less that a miracle as, due to a computer error their end, my address was written in Dutch format (totally scrambled compared to UK format and with half a post code) and also lacked the country. Seriously, I have a great deal of respect for the Dutch and English postal system that figured that one out!
As for the rest of life, I think we’ve all but finished tiling the bathroom at last! Because of issues with dad, and with his health, it’s been over a year in the finishing. He needs to put down new floorboards as there’s currently a giant hole in the floor (most rooms have holes in the floor!) but then I can get in there and paint the ceiling/woodwork etc. Fingers crossed we’re moving forward with that.
Sadly, that’s probably the best of the progress as I’ve now signed up for Netflix and thrown my productivity out of the window.

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