CD Review – ‘Folk for the People’ a benefit compilation for the victims of repression in Ukraine

So, a few weeks ago I threatened you with promised another review post centring around the Folk for the People folk compilation. In my last post on the subject, I focused on the cause behind the subject, the recent events in Ukraine, and poked you all into buying the thing. Now I’m going to mainly focus on the music. 
I don’t normally review compilation CDs because, lets be honest, they are, by their very nature, a mush. How do you write an overarching review of something that is not consistent in performer/style/sometimes quality? Anyway, I’m going to give it a go because I want to give the CD as much airtime as I can on my blog. Don’t expect this to be as coherent as normal and normal’s not all that coherent, I know.
Folk for the People is a folk compilation in its broadest sense. From the slightly strange but eerily enticing tones of the opening track, ‘Sonnet’ by Aldona to the chaotic rocky sounds of ‘Once upon a binge’ by Sons of O’Flaherty, if you like any form of folk style or inspired music then you will be able to find something here.

There are some tracks from CDs that I’ve reviewed in their entirety, for example Cesair’s ‘Dies, Nox et Omnia‘ and Rastaban’s ‘Aurora’. There are some tracks that are from bands that I know well and some from bands/artists that I had not encountered. I rather think that this download is useful for a ‘music taster’. There are a couple of musicians who I will probably buy CDs from, having heard this sample. Mind you, I swear that if I keep buying compilations then I’ll end up with all of Sowulo’s album without actually buying it in its own right!

I’m going to give up now. Without going through track by track I will not be able to do this download justice. Yes, there are a couple of tracks that aren’t to my taste but that happens in any compilation and, when there are 35 tracks in total, it hardly damages the playability of the overall album. The fact that there are so many high quality tracks from greatly skilled artists means that it is well worth popping over to bandcamp and buying yourself a copy.

To listen to the album and, more importantly, to buy it click here. The bandcamp page also has information on the cause the money is going to if you scroll down below the track listing. You can also keep up to date with the goings on around the album and the donations being made by checking in on the facebook event page.


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