I survived Easter ;-)

So far, so good.
In all fairness, I had a wonderful weekend. Although I don’t celebrate Easter as a religious festival, I
do celebrate with with my family but in a kinda secular way.
I had the bright idea to make hot cross buns for Good Friday. My first ever attempt and it went disastrously wrong. I actually managed to pull a muscle while kneading the dough, it was so dense. In the end, the result was actually quite edible but not what you or I would deem a hot cross bun but rather a rock cake with some kind of decoration on top. I have to say, the recipe was written by someone who is from a country where they don’t eat these buns so I’m not sure he really knew what the finished result was supposed to be, and, anyway, the dough was supposed to be machine kneaded.
I get points for trying though, right?
The Knights of the Damned
jousting display team
Saturday was a more successful day with a trip to the wonderful Glastonbury and a visit to the Glastonbury Medieval Fayre. This was a really nice way to spend the day, especially as we were blessed with some of the best weather of the year so far. The event itself took place in the Abbey grounds, and this was the first time I’d actually been there. We’ve always refused to visit before as we don’t think that people should be forced to pay to visit a site of religious importance. That said, my family are usually pretty fair with donating but we firmly believe that religious places should be 100% free to visit. Anyway, I’m going off on one here! The point being, I was pleased to get the chance to look around!
The event itself was well worth visiting and we quite happily spent the day there. The main emphasis was on the ‘living history’ aspects but there were plenty of activities, particularly for children. My parents kept dragging me away from various musical instruments as they’re currently trying to talk me out of buying a harp and a hurdy-gurdy, both of which were present and both of which I cannot afford.
Probably one of the main highlights was a performance by the jousting display team ‘Knights of the Damned’. I’ve seen them perform at a few events now, and my father works the same festivals as they do sometimes, so I can say that their performances are of a consistently high quality.

A historically accurate setting, I’m sure you’ll agree!
Easter Sunday was a quiet affair. For some reason, my father decided to buy me two Easter eggs and my mother bought me one and various boxes of chocolate. I mean, I’m not complaining but since when did we celebrate Easter in such an extravagant style. Interestingly, since starting these tablets I’ve been able to eat a lot more lactose without feeling ill so it may well be that a lot of my lactose intolerance was caused by underlying stuff. Again, I am not complaining!
I don’t really know what happened to Monday but today I finalised my acceptance of the offer to study at AUC and received a new camera lens in the post. Incidentally, the lens I’ve just bought is the one I could have done with to get better photos at the medieval fayre but that’s timing for you!
To see more of my photos from the Glastonbury Medieval Fayre click here.

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