Now they want to put me on a bike

Blogging isn’t really happening right now which is down to a mixture of my life being really busy which means I don’t have much time, and my life being full of things that are interesting for me but dull to read about even duller than normal.
For the most part, I’m sorting out stuff to do with university. Today, for example, was my mother and I going round a load of banks attempting to do an international money transfer as part of my accepting the place at AUC and, basically, being pushed from pillar to post. In the end, we managed to send off the thing although it did take about an hour in Lloyds bank.
This is what greeted me when I returned home today!
Returning home, we found out that my father had spent the day mending my old bike (which is way too small but a great purple colour!) so that I could practice before going to Amsterdam. I think he was joking but it didn’t stop him from riding around the drive a few times! I really don’t get why everyone’s determined I’m going to ride a bike out there… I know it’s the done thing but my accommodation is right next to the uni so no need there. Besides, I am likely to crash the minute you put me on one of those two wheeled death machines!

2 thoughts on “Now they want to put me on a bike

  1. I think in Amsterdam you're more likely to die if you don't ride a bike, one wrong move and the people on the bikes will get you! At least if you don't see a tram they go “Ding! Ding! Ding”

    Ahh Amsterdam is cool, by the way “Albert Heijn” make the nicest fruit drinks and smoothies, well priced and in really cool glass bottles too.

    Oh and double-decker trains, I can't forget those!


  2. I'm not bad at avoiding the bikes although I had to laugh because last time I was there I stayed by the giant bike park next to central station which also happens to have the big tram crossing and is near to a body of water. Somehow survived all three đŸ˜‰

    And thanks for the recommendation!


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