Old news… and a horse.

Blogging about this now feels a little redundant, after all I’ve told basically everyone the news that will be in this post so why bother. Anyway, this is the version with pictures* so enjoy 😉

Well, well, well…

What a week it’s been!
Soon after my ‘Amsterdam adventure’ I was on my way to Glasgow to attend a couple of events at the university up there. For those of you who don’t know, I hold a place to study in Glasgow this September and applied to AUC with the plan to withdraw from Glasgow in the unlikely event I was offered a place in Amsterdam.
When I was younger I used to spend my summers up by Loch Rannoch. I have relatives in Pitlochry so we used to stay next to Loch Rannoch, meet up with relatives and have a lovely time. Of course, going up to Glasgow I simply had to force my parents to retrace the childhood route even if Rannoch is nowhere near Glasgow (eh, at least we were in the right country!)

It was absolutely wonderful to be in the area again. Scotland is full of stunning landscapes and natural areas and this is certainly one of them. Seriously, if you’re a friend of mine from Europe (or further) and you visit England for whatever reason (like to see me) nag me to nag my parents to take
us up to Scotland… it’s well worth the visit.

However, it was what happened up there that was most surprising for me. In the middle of a no-pick up area my phone somehow managed to pick up a message from a gent I’d met at the interview telling me to check my emails. So I did. Eventually. There were two emails from the university in Amsterdam saying, in the subject field, that I had been offered a place. Thank goodness it said in the subject because I didn’t manage to open them until much later as my mysterious internet connection failed me.

So from that moment, I could enjoy myself. I had an offer for Glasgow and Amsterdam and I could, basically, choose. The visit to Glasgow the next day pretty much sealed my choice. Looks like I’m moving to the Netherlands in August. Eek. What a terrifying exciting prospect!

*Yes, I took these pictures while in the area. No, they aren’t supposed to relate to anything I’m writing hehe


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