Folk for the People – A benefit compilation for the victims of repression in Ukraine

It’s no secret that if I come across a CD* that I really like I’ll write a review of it. This is probably the first CD that I’m ‘reviewing’ but haven’t yet listened to. This CD is one that I have been following through the creation process but, being away from the internet until now, have been unable to buy and listen to… yet.

Mitch Rozek, drummer of Rastaban, was inspired, if that’s the right word, by recent (and ongoing) events in Ukraine and decided to do something to help from a human point of view, negating politics as much as one can in such a situation. To quote one of his posts from the event page as I can’t embed it, sadly:
“There’s no orientated political agenda/motivation or anything of this kind behind this project. Only an instinctive and spontaneous act of compassion guided by a sense of justice for people who have been killed, wounded, kidnapped or tortured by their own government just because they came on the street to claim a better life, the respect of their basic rights and the end of a corrupted system. 

If by this small project, we can help these victims and their families financially, at least a bit, it will be one of the small drops than can feed the ocean of a better world. So don’t search for hate behind what we’re doing here, because you’ll only be disappointed”

And this is where ‘Folk for the People’ comes in. The CD is a compilation of tracks from various, mainly European, folk bands, all of whom donated the song to the cause.

Although I’ve not yet listened to the CD, it’s full of songs by great bands, a few songs that I know well and can tell you are awesome, and some that I’m excited to discover. I’ll probably review the CD properly when I have had it for a little while, if only to try and give it more of a signal boost. The fact is that the compilation is set to be of a high quality and for a cause that is undoubtedly worthwhile.

If you’d like to find out more about the project and read posts about its conception and aims, as well as the practicalities of how the money is being donated, then they can all be found on the facebook event if you click here. This is an open event so if you’re interested in keeping up to date with how the project progresses then please do join.

If you want to buy the album then it’s available on Band Camp if you click here for a minimum donation of 10 Euros which is about eight British pounds. 10 Euros for 35 tracks of brilliant music, going to a good cause. Of course you want to buy it. As though you needed any more incentive, you can preview all tracks and choose the file format of your download. What’s not to like?

Also, can we all agree that Mitch is amazing for organising this and say a big thank you to everyone who has been involved. It’s lovely to see something proactive going on in the name of compassion and peace.

*I keep saying CD, more than normal even, so just to clarify that it’s only available in download form.


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