Before you read this and think that the above title means I’ve got into the university, I’ll just make it clear: I still don’t know!
However, for me, the last couple of days have been a great success. Firstly, and most importantly for me, I managed to catch two flights, several trains, and go through the entire interview day without being at all ill. Although the incapacitating levels of illness have been a recent development, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been able to do something ‘exciting’ without feeling at least somewhat ick. Seven years, to be exact. I’ve even managed to eat two full meals during this time. Does this mean that I’m cured? Well, it suggests that the tablets are starting to have an effect and I am really, really pleased. I mean, any change is a positive. 
Success number two comes in the fact that the plane wasn’t cancelled, or even delayed. In fact, talking to the person on check in, ours was the first plane that wasn’t delayed so that was lucky. Actually, less of a success, but I had some issues checking in as the machienes were saying my passport expired February 2014… it’s pretty new and expires February 2024! All the same, it did cause some chaos and confusion!
The only photo I took is a fuzzy through-the-window shot. So. Many. Bikes.
The other main success was the fact that I had a really good day at the university. It wasn’t exactly what I expected as the activities seemed to be centred around ensuring that we, as prospective students, knew what to expect from the course. The ‘interview’ part of the day consisted of two meetings with different, and seemingly random, members of the university, discussing parts of the application. Again, this seemed to be centred around ensuring that we as students would know how to work within the system and with our individually identified weaknesses when attending the university. I really don’t know what we were being judged on here, if anything, and really wonder whether the majority of the decisions were made prior to us being invited to interview. I honestly don’t know!
One thing that I really did like about the day was that it allowed me to meet a lot of the prospective students and I got a feel that, if I was offered a place, I could have a really good time socially. There were people with very similar interests, and on a similar academic level, from many different walks of life… I could really have a good time, I think. Of course, that is one of my main concerns about Glasgow University, along with the 5 year course in Glasgow. That said, Glasgow is more established and has better facilities. Urgh… I’m really confused… can’t I mush the two together? I think I’m more confused now because I’ve seen both and they’re very real!!
Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself right now as I haven’t been offered a place to study in Amsterdam (nor have I been rejected yet!)… they’re going to be sending an email out within the week, apparently. Eek. Considering I’m going up to Glasgow later this week, I’m going to have a lot of information to process and a lot of big choices to make. It’s all so exciting but a little frightening too.

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