Book review – ‘Beyond the Wildlands’ by Lana Axe


Rating: 1/5 stars

An elf of the Wildlands recounts his adventures in this fantasy short story.

Jhinn, an elf from the wooded area known as the Wildlands, has lived an adventurous life. A master with a bow, he has joined forces with a human army to rid the forest of savage trolls. During training, he falls in love with a female warrior named Aurelle who has taken up her axe in defense of their homeland. After the battle, the pair journey together to begin new lives, though Jhinn prefers a life of crime.

Follow along as they embark on an adventure full of excitement, greed, and tragedy


I don’t really know what I was expecting from ‘Beyond the Wildlands’. I bought it because it seemed mildly interesting and was free from Amazon and I started to read it because it seemed short and relatively light in plot. 
First impressions weren’t great. You know that message that English teachers drill into you when you take creative writing classes ‘show don’t tell’… well, it seemed that this story could have done with listening to that advice. The sentences are unbelievably short and repetitive in form which makes for quite a dull read, really. 
As for the plot. Well, there is a plot there and, in fact, reading it, this piece feels like a plot summary as opposed to an actual story. I think the plot could have been good but it just wasn’t executed right at all. It felt as though you were rushing along without getting involved with anything that was happening. I know that this is a short story but I can’t help but asking if this was the correct medium for the piece. I feel that this length would be about right to cover the first battle ‘scene’ (and the lead up to that event), certainly not the full life time that it attempts to cover!
All in all, perhaps the flaws could be put down to the fact that this is a short story not a novel. Perhaps, if the thing had been longer it would have been better expanded upon and explored but as it is, I felt nothing for the characters and had nothing invested in the plot. The style of the piece would stop me from trying anything by Axe again, and I certainly wouldn’t spend money on her longer works which is a shame because they have received some positive reviews. Oh well. We can’t all like the same authors!
I feel really bad but I can’t really recommend this book at all. However, it’s 18 pages long and free for kindle so there’s not much to loose!

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