A week and a half to go!

Gosh, it feels like all things are go right now.
The other day I went to the doctors (I managed to get an appointment, hurrah!) and have been put on some daily medication to see if this helps with my general illness. It’s a low dose and the idea is, if it causes a positive change then they can mess around with dosage etc. later. However, if it doesn’t work at all then we’re onto all the horrible invasive tests so fingers crossed it works. That said, I’m really chuffed that this doctor has said she’ll go onto invasive testing after this one because the last lot just seemed to put me on drug after drug with no real method to the madness. Hopefully, we’re moving forward to some kind of management system!
Of course, my general health slowly getting back on track had to herald general illness as the whole family seem to have been struck down with the lurgy! Actually, for once, I, touch wood, seem to have got of lightly. Although I spent most of yesterday in bed I feel almost better now and have regained my voice, and got rid of the throat pain, overnight… just in time to sing tomorrow! 
However, just because the people around me are having to put life on hold because of general ick doesn’t mean that life’s stopping. I realised earlier that it’s a week and a half until my university interview and ‘meet and greet’ day. I am actually pretty nervous. Okay, I’m frankly half terrified but what ya gonna do, eh?

On the plus side, I went into town with my mother and managed to find a coat that I’d been eyeing up with Aimee in a size eight and in the sale so I now know what I’m wearing to the interview (of doom!). Actually, I managed to get a lovely knitted and embroidered coat thing in the sale too so I had quite a successful day that day, as far as clothes go!


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