I don’t know how to title this so let’s call it "Aimee"

Curry and naan and a happy Aimee.
Last weekend, well a couple of days ago, I got to stay with my annoying childhood best friend and might-as-well-be-a-sister Aimee, having not seen her since Christmas (and then only for two minutes as I dropped off her gift).
As always, we had a wonderful time. An unsuccessful search for clothes for my university interview turned into a pretty successful spice shopping time. Seriously, we found the most beautiful delicatessen  which sold all sorts of foods from around the world, as well as local things, and would practically be my home if I lived anywhere nearby! Actually, in finding the above link for the blog I have found out that they have an online shop… bye bye bank account.
Rosé in tumblers – that is class!
Naturally, a lot of the time was spent cooking and eating. I think that both of us enjoy using our meet ups as a chance to try and make/eat new things. This time was no different with the first night being a beautiful pork bolognese that Aimee has made previously and then reheated. Saturday was Havanah throwing random things together to make a mild curry that Aimee could enjoy. Sunday was an attempt at a variation of Kaiserschmarrn for brunch, which was all done by hand and by the end of the whisking we were both knackered. The roast we had later was a bit more traditional but by the end of the weekend we could both safely say we had made at least one new dish!
This should give you some idea about
the amount of tea drunk!

The rest of the time was spent chatting and messing around. Our favourite online game (mature as it may be…or not!) was pretty much constantly on because we realised that it gave us something to do while actually interacting. It also was something we could do at three a.m. when the flat upstairs decided an out of tune sing-along was in order! I also gave Aimee a quick hour long ‘lesson’ on tin whistle, inspired by my last visit where she said she wasn’t musical! Not only did she pick up a tonne of stuff quicker than expected but she nearly refused to give me my instrument back! Meanie!!

Aimee being musical.
So basically, I had a wonderful weekend. It’s been the coming back home that’s been hard and I am feeling a bit down again. Dad moved back in on Sunday which is a good thing but very strange and tense. Something that I won’t go into because it’s a little complex has happened with regard to the university and I now think they have tiered the applicants with me being in the lower tier. This means I’m going to interview knowing thinking that I have a lower chance than others. It’s not the end of the world because they may offer me a place still and if they don’t it’s their loss!
However, yesterday I worked out that the main thing that is bringing me down is that I am completely fed up with my health. It’s been nearly seven years since my stupid illness thing started and I am still without diagnosis. Not only that but it’s got progressively worse so that now I am ill more than I am well and am severely limited by things. I can’t go out without worrying that something is going to happen and those worries are justified because it’s only one in five times that I won’t have a problem. I think the health thing is what’s really affecting me because it’s possible to battle the world and the bad things in life (and if I’m honest I get more than my fair share of bad luck) but when I can’t trust my body to work for me… it’s not a good thing. I went to the doctors today and was told that I can’t even get a non emergency doctor’s appointment until the 27th, and am abroad then for my interview, so I guess this is just going to have to classify as an emergency and I’m going to try and get an appointment on Friday. 
Seriously, when I get my health back on track this world ain’t gonna know what hit it 😉

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