What a week!

The last few days have been really lovely as my ‘really busy week’ concluded with the visit from my penpal, and friend, Annelies.
You can’t visit Birmingham without having your photo taken here!
She arrived on Thursday and we spent the afternoon wandering around a little bit of Birmingham and exploring the jewellery quarter a little bit. Of course, I hardly know my way around the jewellery quarter as I’ve only been there once so I didn’t really manage to show it off but oh well! That wasn’t the important bit!
Friday we went to The Black Country Living Museum which is a museum chronicling life in the industrial area around Dudley. Although it didn’t seem as ‘alive’ as other times I’ve visited it was great to look around again. I went to this museum many, many times as a child but hadn’t visited for a good five years or so. It was also a good place to challenge Annelies’ English because goodness knows a strong Black Country accent (and dialect) is hard for even a native speaker at times.
Yesterday was another day in Birmingham. First we went to the new(ish) library, somewhere I hadn’t managed to visit since it opened. My goodness, what a library! I really cannot wait to go back there and actually borrow some books. It’s huge. I think it’s the largest regional library in Europe or something so I guess I should have expected big but my so many books… what a dream! And how exciting to have those resources available for research! Ahem.
So big. So many books. Happy Havanah.
Later we mooched around the shopping areas and also visited the Bullring markets. I was a bit sad that I couldn’t find a sheeps head this time but it was still good fun to walk through the stalls with butchers (and other salesmen but it’s the butchers that stand out) attempting to sell their wares. We also spent a bit of time in the Selfridges food hall. For some reason, I’ve not spent a lot of time there although I’ve been in the store for makeup and clothing. I’ll be revisiting the food hall, no doubt!
Anyway, today Annelies went on to London for a few days and, I hope, is having a wonderful time down there. I was so happy to meet her and I think we got on really well so hopefully we’ll see each other again soon when I’m out in the Netherlands (or when she comes over here).
Now, I’m going to enjoy catching up on my sleep!

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