Rain, friends, and cakes

What a couple of days!
I managed to go down to Devon for a few days to meet up with Nené and give her the present I’d made for her 18th birthday and also to get my Extended Project dissertation off Haydon.
It was so, so good to be back, if rather strange. My mother and I actually stayed in the hotel that we lived in most of the time when we were going through our nomadic stage. I cannot tell you how strange that was. The staff were really happy to see us, which was lovely. The new manager (well, technically she was away on maternity when we were there and has since returned so she’s not really new!) seemed to know a lot about us so guessing we’re pretty notorious hehe
I might not have been able to photograph
Nené but I did photograph cakes!

Meeting Nené on the Monday was quite wonderful. I didn’t manage to take any photos because it was bucketing down with rain (incidentally, I found out that my boots leak) but I don’t really care because it’s been so long since I last saw her! We mooched a lot, chatted a lot. It was lovely. It was also nice to be with someone who appreciates my musical theatre obsession interest. Hopefully it won’t be long until I get to see her again.

It was also great to see Haydon again, having not seen him since I finished college. Of course, he insisted on buying me drinks (one day I will manage to buy him a drink!) It seems like he’s getting on pretty well even if his university are causing havoc. He also brought me down my dissertation which he kindly picked up for me and put up with me reading all the marker’s comments while we were supposed to be socialising. What a lovely chap!

They’re heavier than they look!

As Haydon and I were wrapping up I got a bit of a surprise as he said he was going to go and get a tattoo done… rather him than me! Anyway, I faced my fears and actually walked into a tattoo studio just to see Tegan, another college friend, for a brief moment as she is now doing a  tattoo apprenticeship (and did his tattoo in the end but there was no way I was hanging around for that!)

The drive home was pretty hectic. It was sad to see how weather bashed my old area of the country has been and, naturally, the weather made the drive a bit tricksy. Nature couldn’t help but send a reminder that, while she might be a bit harsh at times, she’s an amazing, beautiful thing.


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