Book review – ‘Bake: Beautiful baking recipies from around the world’

Rating: 5/5 stars

Explore a whole world of baking with this stunning collection of recipes from across the globe! From the stylish patisseries of France, via the vibrant panaderias of Mexico, and the cosy coffee shops of the United States, discover a wealth of delicious baking recipes, both familiar and new. Enjoy the classics, such as Swedish Carrot Cake or American Brownies, or try something mouthwateringly different, such as Australian Lamingtons or Japanese Milk Loaf. There are also fascinating features on the history of baking and different cooking methods from around the world. This book features the most tantalizing cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, muffins, pastries and breads on the planet, so get baking and travel the world in one big bite!


Oh, my. What a cook book.
I’ll start with the superficial. The book looks and feels lovely. It’s the kind of book you could give as a gift and would be really pleased to receive. Each page is packed with colour photos to illustrate the recipes (no doubt showing things 10x neater than we mere mortals could ever achieve). The pages are formatted in an elegant, beautiful, yet easy to read style. It’s really a joy to flick through the book.
The book itself contains various recipes for baked goods from around the world. There are chapters focusing on certain areas (i.e. America or Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). Something that makes this book extra special, in my opinion, is that each recipe comes with a little bit of text regarding its cultural significance or history. There are also pages that focus on baking traditions from the area and just give the book that extra something.
Regarding the recipes themselves, I have only tried one or two (so far) but there are many, many more I look forward to making. Obviously, there are a few recipes I can’t see myself being interested in but those are by far the minority. The range and selection of baked products included is great, savoury and sweet. The instructions are, for the most part, quite clear and are, probably, accessible to most people and those recipes I have tried have worked out well. The only (minor) issue I’ve had so far is that amounts of yeast are calculated for fresh yeast which isn’t really practical for me as I’ve yet to manage to find some in the area but this can be adjusted to use dried packet stuff so it’s not really a problem.
All in all, I like this book a lot and, while it might not provide recipes for dinner it’s up there with my favourite cook books!

This one’s a bit hard to get hold of for some reason but it’s available, within England, at The Works.

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