Onwards and upwards!

It seems that, after a couple of months of rather painful stagnation, life is moving forwards at an amazing pace.
This morning was my singing lesson, as normal, and it went exceptionally well. Okay, I actually had my singing teacher jumping up and down clapping her hands because she was so pleased with the progress I was making. She also ran out to the car and told my mother. You have no idea how amazed this made me. It’s been under six months and I have gone from someone who was afraid to sing in front of someone, unable to get more than a few sounds out in a lesson, to the position I’m in now. I still can’t say that I feel that my voice is ‘good’ or even ‘okay’ but there are moments when I actually like what I hear. There are moments when I feel more confident. Physically and mentally I can see so much progress and you have no idea how much that means to me. It’s nothing short of a miracle!
I also received an email regarding my university interview and ‘meet-and-greet’. It’s going to be a challenging day, I’d wager. There are group activities, mock classes, discussions and question and answer sessions (as well as some optional social activities which I think it might be best to hang around for). I’m  really excited but a little daunted too. Mind you, I guess that’s a healthy state of mind because a little adrenaline helps us to do our best, right? I’ve been given a choice of dates but, as long as I can arrange the flights, I’m probably going to go in about four weeks time. Goodness, this is way too real for my liking!!
This evening has been an evening of writing to people about meeting up. I’m going to have to rearrange meeting with Aimee because of the interview. I’m meeting the amazing Nené (i.e. one of the best friends a girl could have) a week today and I am so so excited. It’s been way too long! Haydon and I have also managed to arrange our meeting up, at last, and it’s going to be great to see him too. Considering I used to see him almost every day at college, it’s been strange to not see him for ages. And then we have the impending visit from Annelies which is really exciting as I will get to meet my penpal 😀
Gosh, it’s going to be a wonderfully busy month or two! I will also return to taking photos as I will take my little DSLR round with me. My compact has rather given up the ghost hence the boring text only posts.

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