I’m still not quite sure it really happened…

Every now and then there is a band, a musician, a song that comes along that means the world to you for some reason. It might not be the best but something happens that means that it will always be special. 
Within Temptation are one of those special bands for me (and are brilliant, just in case my previous sentence implies differently). They were one of the first bands I really got into, although not the first, and their style really opened my eyes and inspired me at a stage when I was first discovering music. My first band covered a lot of Within Temptation songs as we played together, my A level drama piece had a section inspired by the song ‘Faster’… they’re just a band that have been in my life constantly since I discovered them and always had some influence on my life.
The lighting wasn’t great and my camera is poorly so I didn’t get decent pictures.
Yesterday, I attended a Within Temptation acoustic show and signing, promoting their new album Hydra. It’s a bit overwhelming. Did it really happen?
The performance itself was wonderful. Playing songs stripped down to vocals and acoustic guitar, and sometimes piano, it was possible to appreciate the pure talent of these musicians. It was brilliant. The band’s interaction with the audience was free and relaxed and the ‘niceness’ of their personalities really did shine through.
If I remember correctly, which I probably don’t, all but one of the songs was off of their new album Hydra. However, the opening song, from The Unforgiven, really made my night as it was ‘Faster’. I believe I owe Celena, my A level drama co-conspirator, a bit of an apology as she’d said they would play it and I doubted her 😉
They also played a cover of Lana Del Rey’s Summertime Sadness, which features on the second disk of Hydra, and this was, perhaps, one of my favourite songs of the night. You could see how much Sharon was enjoying singing it and that was a joy to see!
Of course, me being me, things couldn’t go smoothly and during the last song muggins starts to feel faint. In my defense, it was very hot in there! Mind you, considering that I got sunstroke when I was in the Netherlands, was ill and couldn’t fly to Amsterdam, and then felt faint during the concert of a Dutch band, maybe I should just avoid the Netherlands all together hehe. Luckily, for me, the show ended quite quickly and I managed to sit down as opposed to falling down and the brilliant Kim and her mother (and others but I wasn’t really paying attention at this point!) really looked after me. To be honest, this was embarrassing at the time but it adds to the memory, right?
Next came the signing, which I recovered for, thank goodness. We were towards the end of the queue which, in reality, meant that we were less pressurised and therefore managed to speak to the band and take photos with relative ease. My mother had also managed to get into the room to play photographer somehow… The band themselves were completely delightful and, I think, managed to make every fan feel special and appreciated. They just came across as genuine people!
All in all, I had a wonderful evening. I met (part of!) one of the bands that I love, met some amazing people who were at the show, and had an all over wonderful time.

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