What a day!

For once, a happy blog post! Everyone’s entitled to some justified misery once in a while but it does feel good to be able to write about something at least vaguely good for once!
Well, today, as always, started out with my singing lesson. It didn’t go particularly well or particularly badly. I have days when my confidence is more shaky than others and this was certainly a shaky day. That’s no problem though because I remember what I was like a few short months ago. Certainly an improvement!
After that it was a trip to hospital with my mother. Okay, this wasn’t a joyous event in its own right and we were both a little nervous as she was having tests regarding the Christmas hospitalisation. The nurse who took her blood, however, certainly made things worthwhile. First impression was that he was a little…odd…shall we say. Mother and the gent had a little conversation that was quite something! To give you an idea of the content:
Nurse: So what are you wanting from Santa Claus?

Mother: What?
Nurse: You were talking about Santa Claus earlier.
Mother: No I wasn’t.
Nurse: Oh. Well do you believe in Santa Claus?
Mother: I believe in a lot of things.
Nurse: [quite seriously] Do you believe that the cow jumped over the moon?
Mother: …I don’t know.
Nurse: If a cow could do it then surely a man could do it?
Mother: I suppose so. Are you good at this [taking blood]?
Nurse: I’ll tell you after I’ve done it.

And this, ladies and gentlemen is the state of the NHS today. Quite frankly, I think that the gent had maybe been experimenting with illicit substances because I don’t think I’ve ever heard such an amazing conversation! Admittedly, when my mother was pregnant with me she booked into an appointment and was examined by a builder who was pretending to be a doctor so who knows what happened this time!
Anyway, the day really picked up when I eventually got home and opened my email inbox to find out that the university in Amsterdam have offered me an interview and activity day thing. I don’t have a date yet (I have to contact them about whether I want to travel out there or want a skype interview) but I’m so chuffed. I didn’t really expect to get an interview and, although I know that we’re not out of the woods yet and I probably won’t get offered a place, this feels like one step closer to something I desperately want! Actually, I think I’m still in shock!
To top it all off, tomorrow I’m off to London to see Within Temptation, one of my utter favourite bands from my childhood, performing a short acoustic set. There’s going to be a signing too and I will, finally, get my hands on their new album. Oh did I mention that I’m going to be joined by the lovely Kim and her mother? My own mother is coming with me to London but not to the show, sadly. 
Anyway, today has been great and tomorrow should follow suit!

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