Putting things back in perspective

Yesterday was difficult for me. It saw me miss out on something that I was really looking forward to (well several things really) because I wasn’t well. In my ill haze I couldn’t help but feel angry with myself, after all it was as though my own body was letting me down…again. Yesterday it felt like, after everything that has happened recently, this was the final straw, the end of the world.
Today, after a sleep and without being in so much discomfort everything does seem a lot better. My head is still spinning and my lungs ache something chronic but other than that I feel all but better and I can look at yesterday a lot more objectively.
It wasn’t the end of the world. Yes, I won’t get to look around the university but if I get an interview I will have a chance to get a feel of it so it doesn’t matter all that much.
KLM are going to let us reschedule the flights, albeit for a small admin fee. When I was taken ill at the airport I expected it to be 400 pounds gone. We will be able to use these flights to rebook if I get an interview or just to look around Amsterdam.
Annelies and I will get to meet up some other time. She’s been lovely over this period too and, to be fair, that kind of human compassion is what makes this world so special. 
I got to go through areas of the airport normal people never get to see. I also went through immigration without actually having been abroad which was a bizarre little experience! These are all new experiences, and experiences a lot of people don’t have.
And, last but not least, I ended up spending so much time in the airport that I got to listen to a load of announcements in Dutch and I understood them. Hello proof that my Dutch understanding is improving even if the reproduction isn’t 😉
Somehow, what happened yesterday doesn’t seem so bad after all!

Incidentally, this is my 100th blog post

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