Well, I didn’t get quite as far as intended

Okay, I’ll be honest, today has been a horrible day. It’s been one of the worst days in a long, long time. I was supposed to be going to Amsterdam to look around the university I applied to but I didn’t manage to leave the country.
I didn’t feel top form when I woke up this morning. By the time I was airside I felt pretty grim. In the end I had to leave without flying. I didn’t manage to look at the university, which was vitally important, and I didn’t manage to meet up with Annelies, which was something I was so looking forward to doing.
I will admit that I have spent most of the day either sleeping or crying. I feel better now than I did, although still not 100% by any stretch of the imagination but I am really sorrowing on what I have missed. Even more than that, I feel like my own body has once again let me down. I’m sure I’ll feel better in the morning, and when I feel less ill, and my mind tells me that everything happens for a reason and things will work out in the end but I just feel incredibly low. I normally wouldn’t blog if I felt a bit down because I’m not into letting people know but the fact is that most people know that I was supposed to be traveling today and a lot of (lovely) people have written to ask how it went.
KLM, who I was supposed to be flying with, have been really wonderful and have put a note on the booking so we’ll be able to rearrange our flights. This means I’ll be able to visit Amsterdam even if I miss out on seeing the university and I’ll manage to see Annelies, I hope, too.
Eh, things will sort themselves out in time.

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