And life keeps on moving on

So it’s apparently 2014 now. Who’d have thought it! Nothing’s really changed which is no surprise after all true change is a steady process as opposed to a split moment. 
This morning, however, I did get something a bit new for the new year and that would be this beautiful little whistle to replace the one that my dad has nicked off of me (and not paid for, I may hasten to add!) It feels really strange to be playing high whistle again after two months of just low whistle. Just working out the right breath pressure and finger spacings again is a challenge. We’re getting on quite well so far though.
New addition to the Havanah home orchestra.
Other than that it’s continuing to attempt to improve my life! I’m working especially hard on the Dutch at the moment because, for some reason, the wind has got into my sails. I’m determined to have at least some conversational fluency by the end of my gap year and I’m immensely lucky in that I have a couple of friends who I know would be more than willing to help me with that should I throw myself at them!
Of course, the whole Amsterdam university application continues to hang over my head. I’ve heard absolutely nothing from them so far, which isn’t the end of the world, but want to get myself ready for an interview. Although I am not confident that I will even get an interview I do want to be sure that if I do I have prepared myself the best I can so better to start early, right? I’ll be going out for an open day in a couple of weeks too. Flying to Amsterdam and back in one day seems pretty daunting but I have to remind myself that it can’t be as bad as the time I went to Glasgow and back to Devon by coach in one day (well in reality it ended up as 48 hours of being awake and traveling).
Whatever happens this year, I’ve got one thing arranged!
It’s also about the time that I’m getting really ready to go off and travel. I am hoping to work my way from Budapest via Austria, Germany,  to Castlefest in the Netherlands. This had been my plan for a little while but I’ve been putting off arranging it because I’m not so sure that I want to do it alone. It’s not that I mind being alone but I would rather have some kind of companion for this kind of trip. I’m going to start doing some arranging, however, and then see if anyone cares to join me.

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