In the midst of relaxation comes a busy day

After just a couple of days here I feel so much healthier and so much happier. It’s almost as though my body and my mind had forgotten what this state was like and has suddenly reawakened. I’d definitely got used to abnormality.Anyway, today was the compulsory last minute trip to the shops to get the [...]


I am never again staying somewhere with comfy sofas

Today has been another lazy day which, quite frankly, is brilliant. This morning I made the most of the two foot thick walls to practice low whistle to my heart’s content. Okay, low whistle might not be as loud as normal whistle but it’s still got some clout, particularly in the upper octave, and my [...]

Home from home

After a rather stressful start, Saturday was quite a lovely day. Getting everything ready to go away for a week, especially when that week is a ‘special’ one is quite the task, as we found out. My father’s hardly organised when it comes to life so that didn’t really help. Honestly, he nearly left my [...]


Getting away

Today is the day that I travel down to the cottage we're renting for Christmas.I've been packing for a few days now as, due to the time of year, there's so much that needs to go with us. I've also learned that packing after a couple of (large) glasses of whiskey is not a good [...]


A day of little gifts, preparations, and music shop annoyance.

So, today I finally received something that I had been waiting for.Peg paste bought from Hobgoblin Music's websiteThis little pot of gunk might just be the key to getting my 'cello in a playable condition again and, considering I've been working at doing just that for some months now, I'm quite excited. I first ordered some [...]


Big families are not worth it!

Okay, I'll admit that I don't mean this title in the slightest. I am very much a family person even if my own tends to verge on the dysfunctional at times... most of the time.Well, I've finished my wrapping now although I'm sure my parents will get me to do theirs now. The above was today's [...]


Translation: Marie Antoinette Part 5

Sorry for the delay with this but it's finally online.The exact translation in this video is probably a bit sloppy. I'm really out of practice with German which feels weird. It's almost like my old Elisabeth days when I had to stop and look things up every five minutes. Okay, in my really old Elisabeth [...]