Bye Bye 2013… and good riddance

It’s the last day of December and every blogger is either running up a review of their year or actively avoiding doing so. I guess I’m placing myself in the former camp.
2013 has been a year of dizzying highs and severe lows. 
Over the course of one year I have seen life fall apart in many ways and multiple times. I have seen people I love hurt to a degree that no-one should be hurt.  Lets not forget the start of the year when I nearly died…
I have had friendships tested and lost, friendships tested and strengthened, friendships forged.
I pushed myself beyond my limits and achieved beyond my imaginings.
I hoped and planned for the future.
I danced under the stars.
I laughed.
I cried.
I lived.
I won’t be sad to see 2013 go and, although 2014 will no doubt hold a continuation of a lot of the problems of 2013, it also holds the excitement of the future. 2013 has passed by now and I hold no regrets as the past can only guide us towards the future. 
Lets make 2014 the year of happiness and magic.

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