Home sweet home?

All my ‘important stuff’ ready and packed. Including
Ring of Power thanks to Aimee’s Christmas present!

Well, I’ve just got back home from my little Christmas escape. I can’t really say that I’m pleased to be back but oh well!

One thing that was lovely was walking in the front door and practically tripping over a pile of Christmas cards to various members of the family. We’d missed getting the last minute cards due to our being elsewhere and it was nice to be welcomed home by them.

This card from Gitta has to win the prize for the most
Christmassy; the cinnamon in the tea made it smell so good!

What’s not been so joyous is the pile of emails I have to reply to! Yes, some of them are delightful messages from friends (I’m not complaining about you lot!) but a bundle are about varying types of work. Guess there’s no easing back into life gently!

Anyway, I’m going to upload some blog posts I wrote while I was away and then go and have a bath and a sleep… I’ll probably put off writing emails until tomorrow. It’s been a long old day!


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