Seriously not the Christmas I was expecting

Just before writing this post, I read the end of the last entry I wrote (the one of the24th as I wrote the one of the 25thbefore leaving home):
“I am pleased that I get to spend it with my parents, however, and I know that I am lucky to have them here.”
There’s something slightly sickly amusing about that sentence. About two hours after I wrote it, my mother was rushed into hospital by ambulance. She was kept in overnight and, luckily, she was discharged at about midday on Christmas day. Naturally, I got no sleep that night and spent it very worried. The afternoon was a bit strange too, to say the least. In the end we decided to open gifts and just lurk with lack of intent.
Only took my little camera out so pictures weren’t that great. All the same!
Today was a lot better. My parents decided, on a whim, to go into Torrington to watch the Boxing Day hunt set off. In fairness, we always try and catch one of the hunts on Boxing Day but with everything that happened yesterday I wasn’t really expecting us to go out today.
The best bit of the day, hands down, has got to be meeting up with my friend from college, Zoë. I’ve not seen the girl since June, I guess, and it was absolutely wonderful to catch up with her and her crazy cat. She also managed to put up with attempting to teach me some accordion even though I have the brain of a sieve. Now I have to make it my life’s quest to buy myself an instrument and learn it before I next see her so I don’t have to torture her 😉
Anyway, I’m now sat at the kitchen table, cooking Christmas dinner. Yep, we had toast for dinner yesterday so going to have to make up for things today!
When I wrote this post, I was without an internet connection. It’s been uploaded onto t’interweb since!

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