In the midst of relaxation comes a busy day

After just a couple of days here I feel so much healthier and so much happier. It’s almost as though my body and my mind had forgotten what this state was like and has suddenly reawakened. I’d definitely got used to abnormality.
Anyway, today was the compulsory last minute trip to the shops to get the vegetables that wouldn’t last if they were bought any earlier. My parents somehow managed to convince me that my father’s van wasn’t like normal vans and so I consented to doing the hour long journey in the van, in a storm. Yep, I felt sick the whole way. Why vans make me feel ill when no other mode of transport does will never fail to confuse me!
The shopping wasn’t as hectic as I’d expected. A lot of (sensible) people had, it seems, been put off by the weather. That said, the queue was about an hour and a half long. I’m really not complaining about that in the slightest. It’s amazing how everyone starts to chat in those circumstances and how no-one tries to push in even though the line was snaking around two and a half isles…
I then went to drop Aimee’s gift round even though she’s not contacted me properly in forever and has been messing me about again. Turned out that she’s been having a bit of a tough time so I couldn’t be angry with her even though I wanted to be. In fact, I feel guilty that I couldn’t stay to give the needed hugs. I know that, no matter how annoying she might be, Aimee is always going to be family and I really do miss her. Urgh, soppiness over!
Returning back to the cottage, today was baking day. I don’t know why I made gingerbread again this year because it never goes right. My first ever attempt was tooth breaking. I’ve made a fair few successful batches in the years since but the dough never binds and therefore I kinda smush it together and my gingerbread’s highly unattractive.
Pretty pleased with my quiche though 😉
Yep, I’m proud of this little quiche!
When I wrote this post, I was without an internet connection. It’s been uploaded onto t’interweb since!

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