Home from home

After a rather stressful start, Saturday was quite a lovely day. Getting everything ready to go away for a week, especially when that week is a ‘special’ one is quite the task, as we found out. My father’s hardly organised when it comes to life so that didn’t really help. Honestly, he nearly left my canary behind!
Anyway, we eventually all got out the door and went on down to deliver presents to my siblings and their respective families. Because my mother and I set off later than my father, having been left to pack the final things alone, I only got to see Rebecca, my youngest sister, and her sons Ashton and Jenson. It was those two I was most eager to see though so I’m alright with that. As normal, it took Ashton a good while to get used to me and not to act in a shy way and Jenson, having aged considerably since I saw him last, was more than willing to copy his brother’s behaviour. I got some lovely hugs and Jenson cried when we left so I’m not too offended that they ran away to start with!!

You’ll never guess the name of the place we were staying! 😉

 Then it was onto our little holiday cottage which is basically in the middle of no-where. We had a sheet of directions to follow although the owner informed us that one of the key points to look for, a horse riding mounting block, was destroyed in a car crash a couple of weeks ago. We weren’t really looking forward to this bit, my mother dreading it, considering she’s not keen on driving down little lanes. In the end, it ended up getting dark even earlier than expected due to an incoming storm which broke just as we were getting to the lanes with grass in the middle. Looking back, it was quite the adventure but I must admit that we all breathed a bit of a sigh of relief when we arrived!
The cottage itself is really sweet. Part of a unit of barn conversions it’s got real charm and is actually deceptively large. The owner was delightful and, when we walked in, we were greeted by crackers, mulled wine, and a Christmas tree. I think we’ll have a great time here.

I must say that I quite like the way that the cottage’s
owner attacked this tree with tinsel!
The rest of the evening has been spent curled up on the sofas as a family, watching Harry Potter or, in my father’s case, sleeping. It’s strange because, looking back on the last couple of years, I think this is one of the first times we’ve been able to just relax as a family. I guess that life has been so strange for so long what with death threats and extreme bullying to flooding and illness that I’d almost forgotten what normality is. I’ve really missed this.
When I wrote this post, I was without an internet connection. It’s been uploaded onto t’interweb since!

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