Getting away

Today is the day that I travel down to the cottage we’re renting for Christmas.
I’ve been packing for a few days now as, due to the time of year, there’s so much that needs to go with us. I’ve also learned that packing after a couple of (large) glasses of whiskey is not a good idea… yes, I did manage to get my head stuck in a suitcase. It took my parents about fifteen minutes to free me, although I’m sure that time could have been cut down dramatically if only they had stopped laughing!
En route to the cottage I am going to stop and visit a couple of siblings and, most excitingly, the diddy nephews! Yes, I am still planning on dressing as an elf!
As for where I’m going, it’s a holiday cottage in the middle of no-where down in the south west. I’m close enough to Exeter that I can meet up with a couple of people if they bother to get back to me but far enough from everything that I can just get away from life for a while. I also believe that there is no internet at the cottage so I’m actually really looking forward to that. I’ll only be there for a week, and one day of that will be Christmas day, but it will be nice to be stuck in ‘real life’ for a couple of days.
I’m taking a couple of musical instruments with me. Sadly, my ‘cello is back in intensive care so she won’t be coming but low whistle certainly is. I’m also taking a bundle of paints with me and will just see what happens over the next week. It’ll be lovely to be free to just create with no strings attached and no real pressures.
So, I guess I’m off now. See you all after Christmas!

Christmas Song of the Day

Solstice Evergreen by Spiral Dance
Because today is Yule, or the Winter Solstice, it seemed only fitting to have a song relating to this festival instead of to Christmas per se. I’m still getting over the fact that we’re not going to be able to really celebrate the festival this year but I guess the last couple of years have been strange for us as a family and what better time to remember that there’s always next year!
As for the song, this is by a Pagan Folk band called Spiral Dance and is a great piece of music that works for Yule, Christmas, or just winter festivities in general. Enjoy.

(because I’ve been having some issues with blogger and youtube recently, if the video isn’t embedded then click here to listen)


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