A day of little gifts, preparations, and music shop annoyance.

So, today I finally received something that I had been waiting for.
Peg paste bought from Hobgoblin Music’s website
This little pot of gunk might just be the key to getting my ‘cello in a playable condition again and, considering I’ve been working at doing just that for some months now, I’m quite excited. 
I first ordered some peg paste off ‘DJM music‘. Don’t. I paid for next day delivery and got an email today stating that my order has just been dispatched. It’s a week after I placed that order. Naturally, I’ve sent them a rather strongly worded email demanding a full refund and that they arrange to pick up their item from me which it eventually gets here. To add insult to injury, it’s been posted first class royal mail not even as a next day parcel!
Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be a rant about them (trust me, I could go on!) but I do want to comment on Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin are a chain of folk music shops in England, with worldwide shipping, and I must admit that I love them. I have visited their Birmingham store quite a few times now and found the staff to be both welcoming and knowledgeable, which is rather rare in music shops, it seems. I ordered my peg paste from them, online, at 12:30 a.m. yesterday. It arrived today. I paid for standard shipping, which was a bit steep in price but that’s Royal Mail’s fault really and am really rather pleased with their service. The prices of their instruments and accessories are always more than fair and the quality of their items has always been high in the past so I have no doubt that I have received an all round good service here.
In short, DJM music bad, Hobgoblin music good.
I also received a little gift off of my mother today in the form of a diary for next year. I hate buying diaries for the next year because they’re so expensive and at a time of year when money is tight anyway so I’m really pleased that I don’t have to go through that pain this year! Actually, mother bought the diary for herself when we last visited Glastonbury but has since decided that it’s probably not big enough for her. I don’t mind getting pretty hand-me-downs!
It still smells of Glastonbury incense. I keep having a casual sniff!

Other than that, I’m getting ready for tomorrow which will see me going off into the sunset… ahem… going to a holiday cottage for Christmas. So much to do!

Christmas Song of the Day

‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ as performed in Glee

Okay, I’m not a huge Glee fan but I did watch the first and (most of the) second season. Although I wasn’t a great fan of the plot a few of the arrangements really did catch my fancy, this one being one of them. In fact, I bought the album just for this song, disliking the rest of the tracks!

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