Translation: Marie Antoinette Part 5

Sorry for the delay with this but it’s finally online.

The exact translation in this video is probably a bit sloppy. I’m really out of practice with German which feels weird. It’s almost like my old Elisabeth days when I had to stop and look things up every five minutes. Okay, in my really old Elisabeth days I had to look things up every five seconds but I digress. I was also rushing with this part to attempt to get it online and finished it at three a.m.. It’s been three months since I uploaded the last part and, although I have good excuse, I feel really bad about that.
Claudia, a friend of mine from Austria helped me with a line that was causing me real trouble so thank you to her ❤
Also, I still can’t get accents to render properly on my hard subbing so some words are missing accents. Of course, this doesn’t really affect English but this musical does like to chuck in the odd bit of French (translations below).
Anyway, talking about the video:
Axel has this lovely line where he says ‘Wir sind freier als die meisten Menschen.’ (We’re freer than many people). It’s a lovely concept. Although they’re unhappy he knows that, in comparison, they’re lucky and shouldn’t complain. Annoyingly, free isn’t commonly seen in a comparative fashion, and I’m unsure if technically it can be as you’re either free or not. Apparently, there is a word “freer” so that’s the one I used.
Maskenspiel is translated as masque not masquerade. A masque is a kind of big entertainment play dance song thing put on by players (within courts). Traditionally, masks would be worn by the players so this is a big metaphorical thing beyond just saying “we wear masks”. A masquerade, is a ball at which people wore masks so slight difference 🙂

Mainly French, again, with a bit of Latin. My Latin is very rusty as I learned it many years ago so may not be accurate. Axel also ‘translates it’ in the musical. In fact, my French is getting rusty too but that’s a complete other story!
Trés jolie, ne c’est pas? – Very pretty, isn’t it?
Oui – Yes
Bon soir, Monsieur Orléans! – Good Evening Mr. Orléans!
Palais Royal – Royal Palace
Non! – No
Bien sur. – For sure.
Bien oui – Well yes
S’il vous plaît! – If you please (also means just “please”)
Pour le plaisir – For pleasure. (This is kinda creepy in context!)
Dolore Fortiter – Sorrow bravely (Latin)
Quelle que soit – Whatever
Excuse-moi, chéri – Excuse me, dear.

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