Big families are not worth it!

Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t mean this title in the slightest. I am very much a family person even if my own tends to verge on the dysfunctional at times… most of the time.

Well, I’ve finished my wrapping now although I’m sure my parents
 will get me to do theirs now. The above was today’s little lot.

That said, Christmas becomes a bit of an expensive little escapade. I have four siblings, each with their own children, several aunts and uncles, not to mention parents and friends. That is a lot of wrapping! It’s also really difficult because, while I don’t think Christmas should be a materialistic festival, I do try my best to give the people who matter to me something really special and something that will mean something to them and to our relationship.

Excuse the general refurbishing house mess but this pile should give
you some idea of the amount of things I’ve wrapped/got to wrap.
The polka-dot one is from Annelies to me.

I’m just sad that I don’t get to spend Christmas with the big-family. I’d especially like to spend it with the younglings but I guess you can’t win them all. I’m not even sure if I’m going to get to see my siblings and co. this year as it seems that dad’s dropping the stuff over. I’m thinking about trying to talk parents into us all going and dressing up as a Christmas elf (again)… hmm…

Christmas Song of the Day

Jingle Bells performed by Bellowhead.
Bellowhead, a folk band from England, have been stalking me this year so I feel that I might as well post one of their songs here today. Seriously, whenever I have turned on the radio they have been playing! I’m not complaining because they’ve got a great sound and are brilliant fun! Jingle Bells needs no explaination, I assume!

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