Introducing The Geekling

Of course, if you went to college with me you have no doubt who I’m talking about when I say ‘The Geekling’. There is only one Geekling in Exeter and that is this chap:
This photo is about two years old. Haydon might not be talking to
me any more because of my use of it!
Meet Haydon. We were introduced by a mutual friend. She had gone to secondary school with the gent and was also in my history class. Haydon and I didn’t share any classes or anything like that but he ended up being one of my closest college friends, poor chap.
Now I haven’t seen Haydon in, probably, six months now so the information I give here might be a bit outdated. I mean he was the biggest ‘Apple’ fan in the world but I believe he’s just got rid of an iPhone so something is going drastically wrong there. That said, Haydon has always been the ‘go-to’ for any technological problems. If he pronounces your computer dead then you might as well dig the grave because it will not survive. Oh, there is one exception that proves the rule. My old Toshiba laptop is going strong about two years after being given the “it’s over” prognosis. Mwahaha.
Making a big sacrifice and finishing my dinner as well as his
own to save me the embarrassment of being unable to finish!

So, if this gentleman is such a technological being, how come we get on so well? We have a lot of different interests but we have enough in common that we manage to find something to chat about no matter what. I guess one of the things we really share is our love of music and we’ve shared music recommendations over the years and just fangirled/boyed over things generally. He’s also someone who I have spent many a happy hour with doing things that we both find enjoyable be that going out for lunch so that we can have a catch up chat or going to Torquay to go to the theatre (Spamalot, if you’re interested). 
All that said, it’s easy to see why I’m friends with Haydon, he has an inexhaustible supply of time and kindness for people around him. From his ability and willingness to listen to any problem to helping out with filming for one of your classes he is there. He’s a friend who puts his all into the friendship and who is a genuinely lovely person. Rare those types. Admittedly, his solution to every problem might be a cup of tea but heck, that’s mine most of the time too!
Overall, Haydon is a good friend and, more importantly, a good person.

I don’t have any recent (or decent) photos so I
kidnapped this one from his facebook. Oops!

Bonus video:
I’m determined that Haydon will play the character singing this song 
(from the musical Le Roi Soleil). It’s so him!

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