Om nom nom

My parents have just got back from doing the last of the Christmas food shopping, well the bits that we can get in advance. I wasn’t really planning on writing about that but it seems that my last couple of days have rather resolved around food in some way or another so it might as well be mentioned!

Dad bought me back a pudding that I’m allergic to (again)
so I decided to photograph it instead!
Last night I went to a restaurant with my mother and a friend of the family we quite often go there because it serves beautiful Italian food. Usually I’ll have a spinach ravioli which is beautiful but, due to being a bit ill the yesterday morning, I had a minestrone soup with fresh bread which was absolutely wonderful. The highlight of the evening had to be one of the waiters, prompted by my mother telling him about my interest in the accordion, coming across to my table with his piano accordion and chatting and playing. This was utter Havanah heaven.
I also managed to get Annelies’ food parcel finished (at 2 a.m.), packed and sent. If Annelies happens to be reading this, and I don’t think she does read my blog, look away now because I’m putting up a picture in a mo. I was really pleased to finish this little parcel because I wanted to get it on its way but I had such fun putting it together.

The all but assembled food parcel on my, as always, messy desk!
So yes, for someone who can’t eat a lot, food is featuring quite heavily right now. Oh well, it’s Christmas 😉

Christmas Song of the Day

Gothic Christmas by Within Temptation.

Within Temptation were one of my utter favourite bands just as I was discovering music. Of course, I still love them! This song, although not one of their most musically impressive, never fails to make me smile! I thought it would contrast with the other songs I’ve been posting too!

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