More bitsy bits of life!

This is going to be another bitty blog, I’m afraid. I’m doing a lot of stuff none of which is worth its own post but eh, is anything really?


First thing is that, after a rather disastrous session last week, singing on Monday was wonderful. It’s really difficult for me because, not only am I trying to learn new techniques, build muscles in and control aspects of my body that usually go ignored, but I’m trying to do all this while fighting against the constant thought that I’m rubbish and should just shut up now. It’s the mental battle that’s the hardest bit and I feel like I’m pushing myself more and more each time. Last week it was too much and I fell apart a bit. This week, another student listened in on my class and I managed to carry on. I guess it’s one day at a time but for a person who refused to sing for years I feel I’ve made so much personal improvement in the three months or so that I’ve been singing. My teacher’s also got me working on “Ich gehör nur mir” (I knew it was a mistake telling her about Elisabeth in my first lesson!) and I managed to hit the last note so something in me is feeling incredibly good right now.


After my singing lesson yesterday I migrated to Tesco in a state of complete exhaustion (I had grabbed half an hour of sleep the night before). In my quest for a postal box, I managed to find some lovely tartan wrapping paper and have since been sat wrapping gifts for my friends, and family.
One of the most exciting gifts I’m wrapping is going to a friend of mine from the Netherlands, Annelies. She had the wonderful idea of swapping some local foods over Christmas so we’re each sending a box of goodies across the channel. I love sending things to friends abroad, and receiving things too, as there’s something lovely about the physical connection when the majority of contact is through the interweb! Of course, I love food too so this is ideal 😉

A small part of the gift parcel for Annelies,
featuring my beautiful wrapping paper.

Actually, I’m in Havanah heaven right now. I enjoy wrapping and preparing parcels, making cards etc. There’s something glorious about being able to give someone something that you have put time and effort into and that looks good. It’s a lovely way of showing your love and friendship for someone. That said, I’m not making bows etc this year. Not enough space and the ribbons all clashed with my (wonderful) wrapping paper!


The other happening of a couple of hours ago was me finding this on my facebook feed.
Again, whoops. Never expected this to be found either. Oh well, I’m pleased because if, as Thomas said, it made him, as a member of the band, happy for a little while then that’s wonderful. Cesair are one of my complete favourite bands and they deserve all the praise they get! Now go and listen to them!

Christmas Song of the Day

Lukas Perman and Marjan Shaki singing 100,000 Friedenslichter. 
Lyrics can be found in the video description if you view it on youtube.

Couple Lukas and Marjan are no strangers to working together, having stared alongside each other in various musicals, recorded an album together. I also really like their voices. It’s not them that truly makes this video for me, it’s the children. Watch it a few times and you’ll see the children nudging each other to pay attention, attempting to organise each other, and generally being adorable. Fitting with this song.
For those of you who don’t speak German, I can’t find a translation, and I’m too lazy to do one myself, but rest assured that it’s got some lovely lyrics. Shame you’re missing out 😉

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