Coming clean about universities

Over the past month or so there’s been something afoot in the Chadburn household. Something that has kept me up until silly o’clock drafting and redrafting essays. Something that has had me rooting through my building site house looking for documents. Last night all that changed.
I feel ready to say, publicly, that I am applying for university in the Netherlands.
A couple of people already knew but I wasn’t planning on going totally public until I knew the result of my application. However, having sent the application form off last night I’ve decided I might as well come clean now!
The application process itself was quite complicated… seriously, UCAS is a comparable doddle. Of course, being a foreign student I had to provide all kinds of extra things like scans of my certificates (because they can’t check that like English universities), information on if I would need a visa (no), and a passport style photo.
Upon seeing this photo, both my parents, individually asked
which prison I’d escaped from. You’ll be pleased to know
that we didn’t use this one in the application!!
Anyway, the trauma of applying aside, I now have the trauma of waiting and seeing if I get offered an interview and, ultimately, a place. I really would like to go to this university so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I did enough in my application. 
I’m not ashamed to say that I’m actually very nervous.

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