Introducing my canary

For the next installment in my ‘introducing friends’ series I want to introduce you to this cheeky little thing.

I think he decided that if he turned his back I’d stop
harassing him with the camera!
Now, for those of you who are friends of mine and are wondering why my canary is getting a post before you I have to explain why this little bird is one of my best friends. 
I was about six when he hatched; my father bred canaries at the time. For some reason there were older chicks in the nest with him and, as they flew the nest so did he. Problem was, he was only a day or two old. All the same, every time he got put back in the nest he jumped out. Eventually he was put down as a lost cause, after all he wasn’t getting fed either. Never one to give in, however, I hand raised the bird. No-one expected him to survive but with a syringe of some bird food mush, a shoe box full of rags and very little sleep on my part he managed to pull through. I named him Miracle.
If the camera won’t leave of its own
accord then try chirping at it.
No matter where I’ve lived, Miracle has sat in the same room as me. He’ll sing along with my music (he prefers metal and glam rock, if you must know) and he’ll sing along with me. He tweets insistently for food because he’s a greedy little thing and I usually give in and give him more seed even though he only eats one type out of the mix Sometime he just sits next to the bars chirruping and looking at me questioningly and we have a little chat. He has a frying pan on his cage because someone put it there once and now he gets frightened if you take it away. 
Come to think of it he’s probably the only canary who owns a frying pan….

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