An eventful few days

On Monday, after singing, I went down to Exeter to collect my exam certificates from college. It was really strange to be back in the old building, walking the same old routes, yet without one familiar face along the way. I can’t say I miss college but I do miss some of the people who I met there very much.

There’s something slightly anticlimactic about
holding the certificates but all the same!
I also spent most of the day yesterday in Exeter itself with my mother doing some Christmas shopping and generally lurking. First stop was John Lewis to look at a DSLR camera that I’m hoping to receive for Christmas. After a fair old while of photography with compact cameras only I’ve given in and decided to invest in a ‘proper’ camera. I’ll be honest and say that I’m still not 100% happy with it but my aims are getting increasingly ambitious and I’m getting more and more frustrated with the limitations of the compact camera. Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be a camera rant!
I was especially happy to see that the Christmas Market was up and running on the Cathedral Green, especially as I had read it opened on the 1st of December! It was a lovely surprise. I was also remembered by a couple of the stall holders… I must have spent way too long there last year! It was so lovely to see people having fun together. One college aged girl walked past saying to her friends “I can’t help it, I just love Christmas!” while a young boy ran up to a statue of Santa and tried to take a gift from his bag. There was an all round excitement and that is what makes Christmas so special.

I forgot to take photos at the market so have a shoddy
photo of a half eaten cake I bought there instead 😉

When darkness fell mother and I sat down in a hastily constructed bar tent (which was blasting Michael Jackson songs) and had a glass of Glühwein each. You can blame ‘Tascha for that because she was the one who started us drinking it! It was here that I logged into facebook, meaning to message ‘Tascha although I never did, and found the following in my update feed:
Well, that was unexpected. I write reviews here for my friends or for my own reference and never expect them to be read by anyone else, least of all the person/band I was writing about. I was so touched by what was written though and say, yet again, that this just goes to show that Rastaban are not only a band full of wonderful musicians but lovely people too. If you still haven’t listened to them go and listen now!

The other thing that happened that day was on the way back to the car I stopped and chatted to a homeless gentleman. This was something I used to end up doing quite a lot in Exeter and I forgot how worthwhile it was. In the end my mother gave him some money and he gave her an origami crane that he had made. As we walked away he shouted after us: “God bless!”. We’ll probably never meet again but for those few minutes our lives crossed and it was beautiful.


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