Oh hello winter!

Over the last couple of days the winter chill has really crept in. Father claims that he saw snow this morning albeit not heavy enough to settle and, living in a house with no carpets and holes in the windows it’s pretty darn chilly!
Actually, today was the first day of the season that caused me to struggle when playing. It always reaches a point where my hands get so cold that they cramp almost instantly. A pair of fingerless gloves make playing a bit more possible for a while but I’ve not managed to get a pair that are comfortable to play ‘cello to any real standard. Of course, I’m one of those people who finds wearing rings while playing annoying so gloves and I were never going to get on well!
This year is posing a bit more of a challenge. Monster Whistle is about as cold as an icicle and getting him warm to play is a nightmare. In fact, I’m not sure if he’s going to be happy until we have balmy Spring days blowing in once again. I did do a quick search of google to see if there was any advice for working with whistles in the cold and, other than sticking them in hot water or wrapping them with hand-warmers, didn’t really come across anything that seemed like it would work. I did however come across an article on how to get your child’s tongue unstuck from cold items which begs the question: “Who spends time googling that if their child has got their tongue stuck to the local lamppost?”

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