I can no longer restrain myself therefore it is Christmas

Now, most of you who know me well, i.e. the majority of people who actually bother to read this, know that I love Christmas. You also know that I usually get into the Christmas mood around June time – certainly by August – so I think I’ve done pretty well not mentioning it (much) until the fourteenth of November. If you’re one of those people who moans about Christmas talk before December then you can leave now. Go on, off you go.
Right, now that we’re left with the ‘jolly folk’ only I’ll get onto the fun bits ๐Ÿ˜‰
It does really feel like Christmas is just around the corner. I’m sat here surrounded by blank cards, some of which have sketches on them, ready to get painting. I have my Christmas music collection playing without feeling any guilt because I’ll be honest… it’s been on for a few months now. I’ll probably start making mulled wine and gingerbread next week if not a bit sooner.ย 
Mother just took me down the road in the car to see a nearby house which is covered in lights. I’m not the only one who feels it’s time to celebrate! The lights are on the lampposts nearby and some areas have had their ‘switch on’ already. There’s something really special about seeing the night lit up by twiddly little glows of artificial light, especially when you’re living in an area where the natural twiddly little glows of light (i.e. stars) are pretty much invisible.
Even my singing lessons are getting festive as I’ve been ordered to go off and find a Christmas song in the folk genre to work on. Seriously, if anyone knows any Christmas folk songs, preferably with sheet music available somewhere, then please do let me know. I’m happy to sing in any language too so that’s not a limiting factor. In fact, I think my teacher will be sad if I come up with something in English!
Anyway, I think I’m going to sign off now as this is really just an excited rant and, of course, a warning to those non-festive folk to beware ๐Ÿ˜‰
I can’t imagine this blog is going to get any less Christmassy any time soon!

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