Gifts from afar

Okay, okay, Austria’s not all that far but all the same when I received a parcel from ‘Tascha, who happens to be a brilliant friend of mine, it was still pretty exciting.
‘Tascha and I were last together about a year ago when I visited Austria for my eighteenth birthday. She did absolutely everything she could to make it special for me, and succeeded. I was pretty overwhelmed to learn she was sending my something for my birthday this year too and really excited to hear from her in a more personal way than online.
Today, I got my parcel with a beautiful handmade card (which is now sat on my newly tidied desk) and some gifts relating to my favourite things. This made me feel so special that someone thought not only to send me something for my birthday but that they thought through what I would like and, more importantly perhaps, took time and creative energy to make part of the gift for me. I am walking on air because I’m so happy right now.

Thank you Natascha!!

This was about the tenth attempt to photograph me in the hat she sent.
Mother wasn’t happy with the others because they showed building work!

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