Art, music, life

The title pretty much sums up what’s going on pretty now. By day I’m being a noisy pest playing various instruments and by night I’m attacking things with paint.


Art wise, I’m mainly working on scrapbooks in various forms right now. I’ve actually not finished my Castlefest book yet. In my defence it does take a while to design/paint 100 pages of stuff. I have, however, started a new book for general life and that is actually pretty much up to date. I know. A miracle! I’m thinking about posting photos of my scrapbook pages onto tumblr as well as on facebook from now on. We’ll see what happens. I know a few people want to see certain pages and it’s hard to work out where to share them.
I’m getting a real itch to paint a portrait again. You may well know that the last ill fated attempt didn’t work out so well. I guess painting a picture of a couple is always going to be risky and the pair I was painting happened to get a divorce in the short time between the sketch and first bit of paint being put down and the rest of it going on! Whoops. Although I was painting for my own enjoyment I hadn’t the heart to go on and finish such a lovey-dovey painting. I’m not sure exactly who or what I want to paint though, and I’m not practised in portrait work either, so it might not happen. We’ll see how I feel!


As for music, did I tell you how much I am in love with my new whistle? He quickly gained a gender, which is as far as I tend to go with musical instruments, but Nené seems pretty sure he should have a name too. She suggested Felix and then Máté (the latter having a rude explanation) but I don’t think either of those are quite right. Okay, the latter is just wrong! 
Lack of name aside I’ve been enjoying playing so much. I feel that I’m progressing in my playing very quickly, much quicker than I expected, and after just two weeks I’m a bit overwhelmed by the progress that’s been made. I’m not great, not at all, and speed is something I need to work on greatly but things are going so well. 
Of course, the other major musical adventure for me is my singing. I had a lesson yesterday, the first in two weeks due to illness, and it was probably the best lesson I’ve ever had. I managed to sing a song through in a relaxed way and, do you know what, after doing that I managed to tell my teacher, honestly, that I thought it sounded good. I’m far from being a confident singer but that’s such an improvement. In three months I have sung in front of someone for the first time in years, sung in front of an audience (albeit unintentionally), and finally I have managed to have a moment where I can admit that I enjoyed my own voice. I’m far from being a good singer, and far from getting over my phobia, but, step by step, I’m going in the right direction.
‘Cello is still being played but we have some issues with tuning pegs going on. I think she may well need to have a quick trip to a luthier because we have some major slipping that I can’t seem to fix. She also needs some new strings as I can actually see the A and D strings fraying. I think I’ve been neglecting her a bit recently, especially when one considers the abuse she suffered at the hands of my father. She got her own back on me by stabbing my foot. After this many years you think I’d remember to wear shoes when playing, wouldn’t you?


Things aren’t really going to plan and this is not how I saw my gap-year panning out, for various reasons that I don’t want to share randomly on the internet. However, I am actually really happy. I’m doing the things I love and I will be continuing to do these things next year, and more. I can’t wait for next year’s European adventure, even though it looks like I’m going to have to travel alone which wasn’t my plan either, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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